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Ownership or Leasing

You and/or your kids love horses and are thinking of buying one or more.
Consider that the cost of owning a horse goes far beyond the initial purchase price.

Download PDF breakdown of horse ownership cost


A monthly stabling cost will run you from $340 to $850.
Included: Feed, shavings for bedding, stall cleaning and use of the facilities.

Veterinary Care

If your horse remains perfectly healthy, your yearly vet expenses will run approximately $550 for immunizations and teeth floating. If your horse becomes ill, your medical fees can run from $1000 to $10,000 just for one isolated incident.


Horses hooves need to be trimmed and reshoed approximately every 8 weeks at an average cost of $150.


Quarterly de-wormers, shampoos, fly spray, horse toys, saddle, saddle pad, bridle, blanket, etc.

Leasing a Horse

If you are not sure that you are committed to take on the initial expense of buying a horse and the continued monthly cost of boarding and care, you have the option of sponsoring one of Kimberly's well trained horses or one of the many horses that Kim manages for private parties.  Prices range from $175 - $600 each month.

Please download our leasing qualification information before inquiring about leasing.  We have certain skill levels required before leases are considered.  After reviewing, please discuss your options with Kim if you think you are ready or close to being ready to lease.

Lease Qualification Information Form