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Kids Camps

Ages 8 - 17.  Bring bag lunch and a drink. Snacks and water are provided.

Note: Before and after care provided for an additional $10.00 per hour. 
Before : 8A - 9AM
After: 3 - 6PM

2018 Summer Camps

Mon 4/2 - Fri 4/6 - Spring Break Camp at FCS
Mon 6/11- Fri 6/15 - Summer Camp #1 at FCS
Mon 6/18 - Fri 6/22 - Summer Camp #2 at FCS
Mon 7/9 - Fri 7/13 - Summer Camp #3 at FCS
Mon 7/16 - Fri 7/20 - Summer Camp #4 at FCS
Mon 8/6 - Fri 8/10 - Summer Camp #5 at FCS
TBA Winter Break Camp #1 at FCS
TBA Winter Break Camp #2 at FCS

$450 - Full Week Package
$95 - Individual Day

9AM - 3PM

Our summer camps cover a wide range of topics aimed at providing an immersive horse experience in a fun and safe environment.  Our knowladgable and friendly staff and our very experienced horses and ponies make our camps a time your child will never forget. 

Make new friends, expand horseback riding skills and grow horsemanship knowledge. We start each week teaching students the basics of horse riding and safety.  As the week progresses, we introduce new skills like posting the trot and moving around obstacles and sometimes even a trail ride!  We make sure each child is comfortable and within their level as they learn more about horses.

Many of our summer campers decide to stay and continue with lessons after their experience with us and many eventually become summer camp counselors themselves!

Activities include

  • Riding
  • Horsemanship and Horse Care
  • Groundwork
  • Games
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Bobbing for apples (with the horses!)
  • Face Painting/Horse Painting
  • Horse Vaulting
  • And lots, lots more!

*Please note that every once in a while during the Summer Camps we have to make a decison for the safety of horses and kids on extremely hot days.  In our area there are sometimes days when the weather exceeds the heat stress index that is safe for horseback riding.  On days like that, we subsitute riding with other fun activities like water balloon fights and horse bathing until the weather is safe for riding again.