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Horse Spotlight August 2014 - Smoke

What is your name? Smoken Hot (AKA Smoke)
What is your breed? Quarter Horse
What color are you? Black
How old are you? 17 years old
How tall are you? 15.1 hands
What is your favorite color? Orange
What is your favorite treat? My favorite treat would have to be horse cookies any kind
What is your favorite time of year? Summer time
What is your favorite discipline? Barrel racing because I love going fast .
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Yes I have a girlfriend. Her name is Cookie .
Do you prefer English or Western? Western
What are a few of your favorite things? Eating a lot of grain and hay, getting turned out and roll after I just got a bath  
What are your least favorite things? Deworming medicine (it taste funny) and flys (they bug me- hahaha).
What do you like best about your humans? Getting loved on, getting baths, and when they give me cookies
Have you ever won any awards? Yes many ribbons, buckles, sport medicine boots and many more for Gymkhana. 
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