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Pippa's Progress - Week 15

This week the girls had a photo shoot with Anne Corder.  This blog will mostly consist of photos from that shoot.  Thank you Anne for such wonderful photography of our beautiful girls! 

Pippa was PERFECT for her bath and we spent a long time making her gorgeous.  She is continuing to progress nicely under saddle with walk/trot and has even done some cantering lately.  She's learning to use her body better and really coming along.  Such a cuddle bug!


Pippa's Progress - Week 13

Pippa has really started to shine in the last couple of weeks.  Since she had her visit from the chiropractor, she's really started to cooporate under saddle. 

Several weeks ago the chiropractor found some areas in her back and her neck that needed to be adjusted.  She also found that she had tender feet and that she possibly had some ulcer problems.  She had adjustments made to her neck and spine.

We had her feet re-trimmed with instructions from the vet and are trying to grow a little more heel.  She will probably be assisted by back shoes when she has solid wall to nail to. We are also treating her for her possible ulcers.  That should make her much more comfortable and happy.

As of Thursday, she had a 2nd appointment with the chiropractor.  She found that Pippa had kept the adjustments she'd made three weeks ago and that she needed no further adjusting.  She noted that her movement had greatly improved and it was obvious that she was much more comfortable.  She said she most likely will not need regular adjustments and that she didn't expect  to need to come out again. 

This is what we had expected to hear as she has has been wonderful to work with over the last several weeks since her first adjustment.  She's really started to put it together in the arena and is coming along in her training.  She's a very small and compact mare, so she doensn't have a big bouncy gate.  We really think she has a future in dressage or hunters.  As you can see, she's not carrying a tiny rider.  She carries a normal adult well and there will be no limitations with that.

She has also been ponied regularly up the trail over the last several weeks to get her used to being out in the world.

She continues to be a doll on the ground and does everything we ask of her.  She's very calm and well behaved for grooming, walking, bathing, shoeing and everything else we throw at her.  She's incredibly well built with lots of bone in her legs.  She is sturdy and can carry more weight for her size.  She's got very lovely and sweet face and it's regularly been said by several people at the barn that she's one of the prettiest horses they've ever seen.  You must meet her and see for yourself.

Pippa is looking for someone to really love her.  She really values human attention.  She's more willing to learn now that her issues are being resolved.  She is sound for most disciplines.  She is really in a good place in her training now and we feel she's ready to go to a new home.  She needs a home with a single rider who can make her feel secure and at ease.  Her adoption fee is $1,000.  That's a real steal for a mare this kind and lovely.  If you are considering adopting Pippa, please contact [email protected] and fill out an adoption form.

Pippa's Progress - Week 10

Pippa has had a light week as we are waiting for the chiropractor to come and look at her.  She has an appointment on Tuesday.  We are hoping a series of treatments really help her under saddle.  She's so well behaved with everything else that I think that this will make all the difference in the world for her. 

Pippa was extremely well behaved on her trip up the trail being ponied.  She was quiet, not spooky at all, and very calm around all the other horses.  She looked around at things, but never jumped or acted like a former race horse at all.  Her attitude is more 25 year old quarter horse lesson horse with all these things we're throwing at her.  She takes everything in stride and trusts we are not going to take her anywhere that's unsafe or do anything to her that's going to hurt her.

We'll let you know how the appointment goes this week and what the chiropractor says about her.

I will be out of town until July 6th, so you probably won't get another update until after that date.


Pippa's Progress - Week 9

This week Pippa continued her slow, relaxed rides.  She also participated in a large group lesson with many other horses and riders.  She doesn't act a bit mare-ish.  She's very calm, relaxed and content sitting in the big group and fine moving around in the arena as well with tons of horses around.  There's no ear pinning, kicking or squeeling with this girl.  We're very happy with her.

We also introduced her to the Ball this week, but Kim managed to somehow not get any photos of her while I was pushing the ball around.  She was more than great about it just being led around with the ball.  In fact, she didnt' really care about the ball much at all and would just shove her face into it and stand there.  She wasn't worried, spooked or even all that intrigued by it. We did not ride her with the ball because her back is a bit sore and the kids had put the wrong saddle on her.

Pippa is waiting for a visit from a chiropractor as soon as we can get them out.  We think her back is sore and that is a reason for some of her resistance from time to time under saddle (she offers NO resistance on the ground to anything) and why sometimes she appears off with no obvious location lameness.  We have figured out that a few of our saddles are not working for her and have moved her to some cushier English styles she goes in better until someone comes to look at her.  It's a pity we can't have a custom saddle for every OTTB we get (though at least we have about 40 to choose from at Kim's barn to try her in). :D

She is holding weight well now and her coat is covered in dapples.  Several people have told me that she is the most beautiful TB they've ever seen.  She's got sturdy legs, big feet, and lots of muscle and compactness.  She has beautiful, sweet face. 

Pippa's Progress - Week 8

Pippa has continued to flourish under our new direction with her.  After three weeks with only one rider she's calmed down immensely and really relaxes under saddle and lunging.  She's becoming a real treat to watch.  She's so affectionate and kind.  She just needed a strong leader to bond with and really start trusting.  We are so happy! 

While Leila was freaking out and spooking at everything the first half of the week due to the wind, Pippa was calm and relaxed and I filmed this video of her on the windiest day of the week!  She didn't hesitate to do everything she was asked in a reasonable and relaxed manner with absolutly no spooking! 

She is going to be great for someone that can dedicate their time and and give lots of love to her.  Her body is looking wonderful and she's keeping weight and muscle.  She's responding to leg and really learning to relax and respond to her rider's desires.  We are so happy with our progress and really are proud of her.  Her rider has been VERY dedicated to her and gets her out and works with her 4-5 days a week every week. 

Pippa's Progress - Week 7

While Pippa is incredibly gentle on the ground (I’d trust her with the smallest child leading her) and VERY sweet and affectionate, she’s put up some fight under saddle when asking her to do things she doesn’t want to do (more fight than we would have expected).  She’s been a challenge for us in a way we didn’t really expect.  We knew we needed to rethink the situation so that she continued to progress nicely, and so two weeks ago we decided to take a new route with Pippa.  She was fighting us more than we wanted and we knew another horse with a similar personality that we had trained differently, and knew we needed to readjust our plan.

Pippa is under the singular care of one rider right now (she is the only one training/riding her, under guidance from Kim).  The theory is, that she will bond with her one person and then she will be more receptive to new things asked of her.  So far, it’s working like a charm and she’s not fought us a bit since we switched to this new method. 

Pippa is doing a lot of lunging to work on her commands and to use up some energy.  She’s a very energetic girl!  She’s learned the meaning of the words walk, trot, stop, woah and responding really nicely to them lunging.  She’s also being regularly ridden at walk/trot.  She’s very good at collecting at the walk and learning at the trot (some days are better than others).  She’s not mentally or physically ready for cantering yet.  She’s learning to respond to leg (but not over-respond).  Our main goal at this time is to get her to relax under saddle.

We are not taking her up the trail right now as she’s not mentally ready for it yet.  She’s still a little nervous under saddle.

Pippa has calmed right down in turn outs (she still likes to run), but she’s not as wild as she used to be.  As mentioned before, she’s really good on the ground and walks on a loose line and follows your lead.  Pippa grooms up, bathes and saddles fine and picks up her feet nicely for you. 

She is looking for her special person (and she REALLY wants to be loved and to love her human).

Pippa's Progress - Week 5

Pippa's doing really well.  It's been just over 1 month since we got her at Franklin Canyon and almost 4 months since she joined Neigh Savers.  She's looking for a home and someone to love her!  She's got one interested party currently, but if you were even considering it, come look at her.  She's truely a beauty with a heart of gold.

Pippa has continued to progress and be awesome in the arena.  Her fracture is fully healed and she should have no issues going on to any type of career (dressage, jumping, barrel racing, English or Western Pleasure).  She is however dubious on the trail.  She doesn't particularly like it  and is pretty spooky on the trail (where as she's fine when working in an arena space). 

We didn't realize Pippa had any fight in her until we tried taking her on the trail this week.  She put up a fight like you wouldn't believe.  It wasn't pretty, and it shocked us.  It was much worse than any shinnanigans the brilliant Luke would pull.  She really doesn't like it.  She was perfectly content to go down and work in the arena however.  Strange girl!

In the arena she's really starting to give to the bit.  I'll try and have more photos/videos of her in the arena next week.

Pippa really understands that turn out time as her "whooooohooooo yipppppeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" time.  You don't need to chase her at all and she just runs.  She loves it.  She was a winner on the track and obviously still enjoys her speed. She's very easy to catch when you decide she's done. 

We love her confirmation and agility for many equine sports.  She's put on some weight (and also eats a ton of food) and is looking much more filled out.  She's a bit "quarter horsey" in her confirmation with a sizeable bottom!

She continues to be an absolute sweetie on the ground and has good ground manners.  She loves being pet, scratched, groomed, kissed, cuddled, loved and anything else that brings humans in front of her.  She really bonds with people.

Pippa's Progress - Week 4

When we last left you with Pippa several weeks ago she was waiting for the dentist to come and help her out.  Her teeth were in pretty bad shape and she needed a lot of assistance with that.  She has put on nice weight in the last three weeks and is eating constantly.  We are happy to say that the teeth work made all the difference for her.  She's no longer uncomfortable eating or with a bit and we have been able to proceed working with her. 

We've been working with her both riding and lunging with long lines.  She's much further along than Luke was at this stage due to her being naturally more calm.  She is a bit spooky, however she's very reasonable.  She has been great in hand since we got her and doesn't croud your space or misbehave.  She is working towards understanding giving to the bit and does drop her head and lengthen her neck from time to time and we reward her with lots of pats and praise.   She is nice under saddle, but for now we are working primarily on lunging her with long lines to work on her understanding of giving to the bit, changing directions and understanding how to stop.

She continues to be very sweet and mellow around humans and horses.  She absolutly adores having her neck scratched and is more than happy to stand there for hours and get patted/scratched.  She's very affectionate and lovable!  She's not at all dominant and was being bossed around pretty soundly by a grouchy pony stabled next to her.   We are all very fond of her and rather sad/happy that she's already got someone interested in her.

She is getting a visit from the farrier this week and we will see how she handles that.  She's also being visited by a perspective adopter.  Please enjoy some updated photos from her work the last couple of weeks and an adorable video.

Pippa's Progress - Week 1

Pippa has had a good first week with us.  Due to her not being straight off the track we are not having the same challenges we had with Luke.  Pippa is already calm, ties well, is used to being ridden, likes attention, leads well, and doesn't have any bad habits.

The biggest steps we need to take with her immediatly are get her teeth done and put some weight on her.  She's a very small mare (as you can see from the photos of her near Luke), but at that she's thinner than we prefer.   Her back is short for a Thoroughbred but her legs are very long and lean.  It gives her a very striking appearance.  She has a beautiful face and is quite expressive. 

She proved herself to us on her first night here.  We brought her out of the stall to feel her out with blanketing, cross tying, picking up feet, etc (she does all of that fine btw).  We are sitting around messing with her when we hear a kid yell "LOOSE HORSE" and we see this giant paint galloping down the trail.  We grabbed the horse and tied him up to check for injuries (he was fine) and took care of him while others went and checked to see if the rider was ok (he was).  The horse was wild and rearing and sliding around on the gravel right behind Pippa.  It was a very stressful situation and Pippa did nothing but shift herself out of the way and watch the crazy horse.  The rider came down and got his horse and they left us to finish with Pippa.  Needless to say, we were very impressed with Pippa's attitude about the whole thing.  She is very mellow and very sweet.

She is a little nervous, which showed itself very clearly on her first trail ride.  She will take some extra work to get to be a steady girl on the trail.  Dont' worry, we're up for the challenge.

Grace has already taken her on and ridden her several days and is very fond of her.  There's no wind-down turn outs and lunging like were needed with Luke.  We're already up on her and she's proven very safe, but of course very green.  Because of her build, we think she will probably be able to do just about anything (jumping, barrels, pleasure).  I haven't personally ridden her yet, so I cannot vouch for her gaits, but I hear she is just as smooth as Luke. 

We're looking forward to working with this one.  She's already a star.

Introducing Pippa!

Pippa (Upsized) has come to us from another Neigh Savers barn.  She's been a Neigh Savers horse for a couple of months now.  She is a small 15.2hh dark bay mare with three socks and a nice blaze.  She will be 6 years old on May 26th. 

She is by Capsized out of a Prized mare.  She is a decendant of Secretariat through Weekend Surprise (dam of Summer Squall and AP Indy).  You can find Northern Dancer, Summer Squall, Buckpasser (inbred to Buckpasser), Majestic Prince, Roberto, Dark Star, Swaps and the outstanding broodmare Flower Bowl. She's got royal blood running in her veins.

Pippa raced 17 times and made just under 23K in total earnings. She raced all but one of her races at Golden Gate Fields and spent most of her time in the claiming ranks.  She won twice, placed once, and showed twice. She was a tough little closer and almost always came flying at the end.

She sustained a hairline fracture in her last start in her knee and was turned in pasture for a year. She is now sound.

She has been under saddle and has been jumped a few times (free jumped at 2'3") at the other Neigh Savers facility.  We are going to proceed with her with a slightly different approach than Luke (since they are very different personalities), but I cannot wait to see what she becomes.  She is very mellow, affectionate and sweet and is already pretty safe with children.  She appears to have decent ground manners with a few minor issues we will work out.  She doesn't appear to have any bad habits either.  We will be working with her to find out what she is best at and are looking forward to it!