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Horse Spotlight May 2014 - Lakota

Horse Spotlight May 2014 - Lakota


What is your name?  My name is Lakota.

What is your breed?  I am a Quarter Horse

What color are you?  I am chestnut (a gorgeous red head of course!)

How old are you?  I am 15 years old.

How tall are you?  I am 15.1 hands.

What is your favorite color? Yellow.

What is your favorite treat?  Apples

What is your favorite time of year?  Summer, I love going for trail rides and there being no rain and mud and the kids use me for vaulting.

What is your favorite discipline? Vaulting.

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?  No.  I don't really like other horses. 

Do you prefer English or Western?  Western.

What are a few of your favorite things?   Vaulting.  And Food.  And Trail Riding.

What are your least favorite things?  Being pet a lot by many people and hard work.

What do you like best about your humans?  When they turn me out and when they give me my food, or treats. And when they just leave me alone.

Have you ever won any awards?  I've won a few ribbons here and there, but nothing major.

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