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Horse Spotlight December 2013 - Johnny Cash

Horse Spotlight December 2013 - Johnny Cash

What is your name?  Johnny Cash

What is your breed?  American Quarter Horse

What color are you?  Sorrel Chestnut

How old are you?  14 years

How tall are you?  15.3 hands

What is your favorite color?  Green (hay)

What is your favorite treat?  Watermelon rinds

What is your favorite time of year?  Spring when the hills are green.

What is your favorite discipline?  Trail riding!  I will do arena work, but I really don't enjoy it much.

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?  Although I love people, I do not always get along with other horses so I am somewhat of a loner.

Do you prefer English or Western?  Western

What are a few of your favorite things?  Eating, eating, and eating.

What are your least favorite things?  Their willingness to bring me treats.  They don't do it enough!

What do you like best about your humans?  I like that they feed me.  I like it best when they leave me in my stall to eat and play with my neighbors, but I like going ton the trail too!

Have you ever won any awards?  I have done pretty well doing gymkhana in the past. I also used to be a roping horse, but I'm more of a "Most Awesome Lesson Horse at the Barn" award kind of guy. 

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