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Horse Spotlight September 2012 - Titan (Road To Gold)

What is your name?  Titan (Road to Gold)

What is your breed? Thoroughbred (Jockey Club)

What color are you? Dark Bay with a little white on my forehead.

How old are you? 16.  I'll be 17 in April.


How tall are you? Too tall for some of my riders!!!  16.2 or 16.3.


What is your favorite color? I love a nice brown, like in a saddle!!!  Some of my riders put me in lots of crazy blues and reds and greens and purples.  Sometimes I look like a rainbow.  I don't really like it.  One time they put blue sparkles on my hoofs that lasted FOREVER!  I really didn't like that all that much.


What is your favorite treat? I love my grain, pellets and all the hay I get!! I will pretty much eat any cookie put in front of me but don't even think about giving me a granola bar or beer.  I won't touch that stuff.

What is your favorite time of year? I prefer early spring and fall.  Summer is the worst.  Flies are horrible creatures from hell and I wish they didn't exist.  I really don't like all the rain in the winter either.

What is your favorite discipline? Trail riding. It’s nice and relaxed and I get to look at some lovely views!  The bonus of trail riding is I get to act up sometimes.  Very fun! 


Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Eh, not really. I don't really do that sort of thing.  Maybe Katie, Rachel, and Raegan are sorta my girlfriends...maybe.


Do you prefer English or Western? Raegan thinks Western (because that's her favorite), but Rachel rides me English and she thinks I prefer the constant contact and that I feel much more confident and much less lost!  I really could care less.  I don't really like any of them much.  I'd rather you just feed me treats and give me attention.


What are a few of your favorite things? I love to take a bath, and get my belly brushed!!  I love treats and food.  I really like cantering on the trail and spooking at poop piles along the way to give my riders a bit of fun! 


What are your least favorite things? I really don’t like my back hooves picked all that much, but I allow it.  I don't particularly like to be groomed with a curry or hard brush (Rachel has a soft one that I LOVE).  I am a little scared of poop, plastic cups, and other random things that don't really belong on my pristine trail.  I don't like blankets...they're terrifying. I also don't particularly enjoy trotting slowly on the trail.  Let me run!


What do you like best about your humans? The love they give me and the grooming!! They feed me extra after working out and they give me lots of treats!  Rachel in particular gives me a lot.  Katie likes to wash my tail and braid my hair.  I'm not sure I love that as much as the treats, but I do look pretty.  They all do a good job taking care of me.  I love them!


Have you ever won any awards? Of course!  28-1-3-6 is my racing record...so obviously I won...so I'm a winner!  I also competed in dressage and jumping and did quite well.  I've won plenty of ribbons barrel racing and doing English and Western Pleasure shows.  I'm awesome!

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