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Rider Spotlight December 2013 - Bob Zenoni

Rider Spotlight December 2013 - Bob Zenoni

Name:  Bob Zenoni

How long have you been riding?  How long have you been riding with Kim?  About 15 months, all of it with Kim

Who do you ride currently and who have you ridden in the past?  I usually ride Johnny Cash but I have also ridden Max, Champ, Diamond, Titan, Cooper, Lakota, and even Jewel

What is your riding history?  Not much really. I rode horses a little as a kid when we would vacation at Lake Tahoe but I have now learned that was more about being a passive passenger and not really riding.

Tell a little about your current mount:  Johnny is a great horse; very friendly, patient, and usually well behaved. He is the equine equivalent of a Labrador Retriever.

What is your favorite discipline(s)?  Trails

What is your favorite thing to do at the barn (other than riding)?  I like to learn new things and every day at the barn is a learning experience. Horses are complex animals and there is a lifetime of learning in their care and training.

What is your favorite 2013 memory?  When I first started, I was scared to trot, let alone ride at a canter. Kim is a great teacher and she now has me very comfortable cantering out on the trails.

What are your 2013 - 2014 riding goals?  I do not have any specific goals. I just want to continue to ride, learn, and see where it goes.

What are your long term riding goals?  Same answer as above.

What do you get out of spending time at Franklin Canyon Stables?   A couple of things come to mind. I have made some new friends who I enjoy riding with. Also, I like to watch the young people interact with the horses and each other. There is a good group of kids and teenagers who are very hardworking and responsible and have a lot of fun.

What do you get out of spending time with horses?  I find it to be very relaxing and a good counterbalance to the stresses of my job and everyday life.

Have you ever won any riding awards?  If so, what?  Not yet.

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