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Luke's New Life - Week 9

Luke has had a pretty quiet week this week due to preparations for our first big show of the year.  We've been doing a lot of turn outs for excersise and less riding (which he's perfectly contented with).   He really enjoys his turn outs.  He still loves to roll more than anything else in the world and will roll for minutes straight while grunting the whole time.  He also enjoys standing by the fence and watching horses being worked in the arena, walking alongside cars and trucks when they walk by and poking his head around corners to watch people grooming their horses.  He's a pretty curious guy.

We've been working on his grooming and leading habits as well as continuing to work with him on his mouthy behavior.  He continues to improve with all of these things.

This coming week, we are going to work with him in the arena with some spooky objects (tarps, giant horse-sized balls, flags, umbrellas and whatnot.  We are confident he will be fine with all of these and will enjoy the ball.  We should have some fun video and photos to show you.

Please enjoy some photos from a photoshoot I did with him and Natalie this week.

I think he may have some visitors soon!  He's very excited to meet some new friends.

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Luke's New Life - Week 8

To celebrate Luke’s 2nd month with us I wanted to do something a little different this week.  I want to give tribute to all the great things he can do now!  He’s had not only the attention of Kim and I but also two wonderful girls - Grace and McKayla.  

I can personally say that he’s a joy on the trail and obviously really likes it. I took him up alone this week and trotted and cantered with him soon after leaving the barn.  There was no freshness or trouble doing that.  It was fantastic!  He is greatly improving in his arena work and is staying much more focused now.  I take back my earlier comments on him being too immature for dressage.  With training time and a good teacher I think he’ll be a nice dressage horse.  He’s got a very comfortable and lovely trot and a wonderful canter. Though he’s far from being a finished horse, he’s turning into a very nice one!  Someone will be very lucky to get him.  Please enjoy the video montage of Luke on the trail this week and even "experience" cantering on him!

Ground and General Skills

- Cross ties and single ties
- Clips
- Good for baths.  In fact he really loves having his face washed!
- Blankets
- Trailers
- Stands quiet for feet cleaning and farrier
- Doesn’t particularly love being groomed but will sit there while you do it (fine with soft or bristle brushes, doesn’t like curry comb)
- Can be moved from stall to stall and take it like a champ and adapts quickly to his new environment and different sized stalls
- He has never kicked out or tried to bite another horse or human when walking by him tied or under saddle. Non aggressive  
- Can stand quietly tied for several hours in a very busy barn aisle
- Is quickly becoming very good when leading on the ground and getting used to not having a stud chain to rely on for corrections
- Turns out alone quietly and reasonably.  Usually has a couple of bucks and some intense rolling sessions
- Easy to catch after turn outs
- Works on the driving lines and lunge line
- Has never bucked, bolted or reared under saddle or in hand
- Works equally well in English and Western (with back cinch)
- He does not weave or crib

Trail Skills

- Walks, trots and canters on the trail with composure
- Can be taken on the trail safely without prior turn out or lunging
- Very little spook (and only the first time he sees something odd). It just takes a little correction for him to move on.  He’s very brave.
- No problem with hikers, dogs, cows, or other horses he meets on the trail. 
- Can go off trail and handle hills with composure
- Very non-competitive
- Can walk or stand quietly while a horse trots or canters off in front of him
- Is not phased by having horses riding short or long distances in front of him.
- Is great on the trail by himself with no other riders around
- Is great on the trail in a group of other horses
- He can be in front, in the back, in the middle or walking right alongside other horses
- Goes through gates without hesitating
- We’ve trusted him taking a 13 year old up the trail by herself!

Arena Skills

- Walks, trots and canters to the left and the right.  Though he’s much better bending while circling left.
- Is responding very nicely to the idea of collection
- Is responding nicely to leg yielding.  Is better one direction than the other (typical!)
- Will stand at a mounting block both in an arena and outside to be mounted (which is almost necessary at his height!

The things to work on

- Grooming. He doesn’t appreciate being curried.  We are currently working with him on his dislike of curry combs and he is much improved from Week 1.
- Leading. Sometimes he gets very excited (and misbehaves) when seeing another horse galloping around in turnout.  He is getting much better about this every day.  He’s about 80% better at leading than when we got him.
- Mouthy.  He is a mouthy horse (and he was obviously allowed to behave that way with his groom).  Hand feeding is a no no.  We are working on this with him every day.  He’s about 70% better than when he arrived.  He does do well with stall toys.

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Luke's New Life - Week 7

There's not a lot to report this week other than Luke is progressing nicely.  There was no need for a farrier or a vet or anyone else to come visit him this week (which is great!). 

Since Luke is already a good boy under saddle, we have decided to focus on ground manners, driving and general de-spooking for his current training as we think those are the most important at this point for finding him a good forever home.

This week we have all focused on driving Luke to work on him getting a feel of sublte rein control as well as building up his muscle to balance him out.  He tries very hard to please and you can see him working it out on his face.  He's a bright guy. His excitement around other horses is decreasing and his ground manners are improving.  He was mostly worked by Rachel this week, however McKayla and Grace did a great job working him alone one night and with Rachel on Saturday. 

I don't have any new photos - I apologize.  It was a busy week for me and it just slipped my mind.  I have included a slide show of his life since the day I visited him at the track.

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Luke's New Life - Week 6

Luke had hind shoes put on at the end of this week.  So much for never needing them!  You just never know.  He was very good for the farrier.  He stood very quiet while other horses were running around their stalls in anxiety.  Several cowboys were right behind our barn trying to corral a bull into a trailer.  They had two horses, two dogs, two trailers and 3 cowboys.  It was very amusing to watch and took hours (the bull wanted nothing of the situation), but had many of the horses very worried and stressed out.  Luke didn't bat an eye!

We have continued riding him (up until the hind feet incident) and he's progressing really nicely.  Grace, one of our young riders, has been confidently taking him up the trail (see below photo).  His riding is progressing faster than anything else and it's clear he enjoys the work.  We took it easy on him the last half of the week due to the hind shoes and worked on ground manners. 

He's put on and holding good weight and isn't requiring any extra feed from his work.  He's gotten really calm in turn outs and still REALLY loves to roll.  He can roll for 5 minutes straight!  He likes to bury his head in the footing when he rolls.  Adorable.

At the end of this week Luke moved to a new stall as he was getting very attached to the one he was in and the horses around him.  He handled the move like a champ and wasn't at all bothered.  He will get a new view with a lot horses to look at and a lot more activity

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Rider Spotlight February 2013 - Audrey Draper

Rider Spotlight February 2013 - Audrey Draper


Name: Audrey Draper

How long have you been riding? 3 years

How long have you been riding with Kim? Also, 3 years

Who do you ride currently and who have you ridden in the past? I currently ride Romeo, and I used to ride Strawberry, Cassie, Johnny, Jackson, and Rusty.

What is your riding history? I would ride my Mom's horse in Colorado and visit my grandparents every other year. My mom told me she used to keep her horse at Franklin Canyon Stables. We went to check it out and I've been riding here ever since.

Tell a little about your current mount: Romeo is a Welsh Pony who loves everyone and can't stop licking people.

What is your favorite discipline(s)? I enjoy riding on the trail and practicing barrels in the arena.

What is your favorite thing to do at the barn (other than riding)?  Braiding manes and tails.

What is your favorite 2012 memory? Going horse camping for the first time in Point Reyes.

What are your 2013 riding goals?  To go to State for Gymkhana.

What are your long term riding goals?  To be a horse trainer.

What do you get out of spending time at Franklin Canyon Stables? I learn to work hard.

What do you get out of spending time with horses?  I get to have a special bond with the horses.

Have you ever won any riding awards? If so, what? I've won awards in gymkhana and for western riding.


Horse Spotlight February 2013 - Romeo

Horse Spotlight February 2013 - Romeo


What is your name?  Romeo

What is your breed?  Welsh Pony

What color are you?  Bay with a gorgeous white blaze

How old are you?  13 years old

How tall are you?  13.1 hands

What is your favorite color?  Hurricane Blue

What is your favorite treat?  Candy Canes

What is your favorite time of year?  Winter because there aren't as many flies!

What is your favorite discipline?  Doing barrels, I get all excited!

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?  Jewel, Roxy and Gypsy (don't hate the player hate the game)!

Do you prefer English or Western?  I don't really mind either, but probably Western.

What are a few of your favorite things?   Hanging out with the ladies (both equine and human).

What are your least favorite things?  Being sick (and of course flies).

What do you like best about your humans?  I like it when they put me in the arena or field to play with Roxy or Jewel.

Have you ever won any awards?  Yeah!  Too many to count.  For Gymkhana and jumping!


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Luke's New Life - Week 5

This week Luke has continued to work in the arena with several of the ladies and kids at Franklin Canyon Stable.  He's doing great going to the left, but still needs quite a bit more work going to the right (not odd).   He has started to quiet down and become much more comfortable.

We were able to give him some freedom this week with a few turnouts in our large arena.  The first one for 1 hour and the second for 30 minutes.  The first turnout he was very excited and energetic, but really enjoyed stopping and watching the horses in their stalls or working in the arena.  By his second turnout he seemed to have figured it out.  He walked, trotted, cantered, bucked, rolled, reared and played...but mostly he just walked around and watched the goings-on at the barn (see the video below).   He is very responsive and coming when called.

Luke's biggest even this week was his first time riding on the trail.  He was a CHAMP!  We walked, trotted, cantered, went through gates and went by plenty of spooky things.  He had Titan with him as support.  He only spooked once at the trailhead sign (in his defense it was large, abnormal and quite scary!).  He got over it quickly once checking it out.  He rode in the front, back and right alongside another horse.  He did great with everything.  He seemed to really enjoy his outing.  He will be a solid trail horse for someone, but we have high hopes he'll be nice in the arena too.  Once we can balance him out a bit, we'll try some jumping.  He may be a bit mentally immature for Dressage right now, but jumping should be right up his alley. 

He proved himself very well-minded when we washed him off.  We were able to spray all over his head, face and ears and he wasn't a bit bothered.  In fact, he wanted to drink the water out of the sprayer (see the video below). 

Luke is going to make someone a very solid horse and we are really enjoying getting to know him.

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Luke's New Life - Week 4

This week Luke got a new nickname from the kids.  BFG (Big Friendly Giant) which is a reference to some book that several of them are reading.  Cute.

Luke has continued to improve on his ground manners.  He had his mane pulled and his muzzle, bridle path, legs and ears clipped and was a good boy.  He looks fabulous now!  He is cross tying without a care in the world.  Blankets quietly and enjoys human attention.

He continued with his ground training in the arena and his work under saddle and is progressing.  Several of the kids rode him this week along with Kim and Rachel.  He tried hard for everyone and was quick to pick up the idea of cantering.  He has a very smooth trot and does not feel like a large horse when you're on him.  He's actually very quiet under saddle and very managable.  We are impressed!  Check out the video montage below of him being ridden by several riders (pardon the poor video quality on a few of them).

Bonus video!  We discovered Luke's scratch spot!  Watch him dance for Teresa. :D

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Luke's New Life - Week 3

Luke continues to improve and we are enjoying all of our time with him.  

The farrier came this week and gave Luke new “tires.”  The farrier was amazed at how good Luke’s feet are and he said that he’s got the thickest walls he’s ever seen in a Thoroughbred!  He told us that he should never need rear shoes.  Luke was a gentleman for trimming and shoeing (and was quiet with the farrier hot shoeing his front feet).  

He got a new shiny red blanket this week (see the video) and he looks awesome in it!  He also got a toy for his stall.  He is a horse that needs toys not to get bored.

As you can see below, he got turned out this week.  It was his first turn out since his arrival and probably his last for a while.  He had a VERY good time but was just a little too rambunctious.  We are going to wait a while before doing it again rather than risk he do something silly to himself.  I can say he’s very agile and athletic!

His swelling is down from his infections and he’s looking much better.  He has reached a body condition that we think is appropriate for his size and we have been able to reduce his feed from the first two weeks.  He is holding the gained weight and is actually a very easy keeper.

Luke has been doing some moving around this week.  One of our immediate goals is to get him socialized with other horses and getting used to new places.  We plan on moving him through a series of stalls so that he can get used to different environments while having the rest of his routine remain the same.  He’s handling it like a champ and making many buddies (except for a particular paint horse who he did not get along with - granted that paint horse isn’t very friendly so we don’t blame Luke at all).  We have noticed that he is not inclined to kick or be aggressive with other horses, however he does want to play!

He’s continued his lunging and driving work.  He does pick up the proper lead cantering but cannot hold it for long.  He’s figuring it out pretty quickly though and gaining some strength and balance.

The biggest news this week is that Kim rode him.  She put a big western saddle on him (with a back cinch).  It didn’t really phase him.  She said he was very reasonable under saddle and she was very pleased.  We were hoping to have some video of a ride for you, however we couldn’t get our schedules synched this week.  Hopefully we can have some video next week. 

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Luke's New Life - Week 2

The second full week of Luke’s new life is now behind him.  He is working hard and listening closely.  He is still a little concerned about his environment and hasn’t quite gotten used to the train yet.  

He had a visit from the Vet this week.  He checked out Luke’s teeth and told him that he had nice, pretty teeth and was good to go for a while. He’ll just need another checkup in 6 months or so.  The Vet also looked at his hind legs to check out the swelling from his infection (and his swelling from his new boo boo in the opposite leg).  The Vet said he wasn’t worried and told Luke to keep it clean, get outside and exercise, and not to do stupid stuff in his stall to hurt himself anymore.  

Luke got to go up on the trail with Titan and Kim.  It was very exciting and Luke was acting like a fool that’s never seen trees, grass, rocks and cow poop (Oh wait he actually hasn’t seen those things before!).  It was a good experience for him.  He was lunged a few times and has really figured out how to watch and stop when signaled.  He also got to get ponied by Titan in the arena and enjoyed himself quite a bit.  Titan is a bit tired of dealing with the whipper-snapper and will probably be taking a week or so off of baby-sitting duty.  

Luke also got introduced to cross-tying.  He was really good and smart headed about it and stood quiet for a long time while Kim did some other work.  He cross ties WAY better than Titan.  He bridles very easily and is picking up his feet like a champ.

Luke has also made friends with James (Kim’s husband).  On Tuesday night, James held him for an hour or so while we washed Luke’s legs and wrapped them.  Luke just sat there with his face in James’ sweatshirt while James rubbed his face and his eyes.  He loved the attention!

The farrier will be coming this week to take off Luke’s racing plates, give him a trim and get him some suitable shoes!  Luke actually has pretty good feet.  He’s also gained some weight and looking really good.  He’s getting access to as much food as he wants and is happy munching on his hay all day. 

Funny note - Two weeks in, several kids are still mistaking him for Titan.

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Luke's New Life - Week 1

Luke has had a smooth transition into working barn life.  He has made several buddies (he's very friendly with other horses) and he's greatly enjoying his outdoor paddock and being able to socialize normally.   He is having a little trouble adjusting to his new style of hay net (hehe).  Having to work to get hay is keeping him occupied.  He is also enjoying the large amount of horse toys tied around his paddock.  He's just like a little boy, always playing.  He has made friends with several of the ladies and girls at the barn and is quite popular (though passers-by are still mistaking him for Titan).

Luke has experienced plenty of horse, bicycle and loud hiker activity in front and behind his paddock (we are right on a public trail head).  While still a little nervous about loud noises, he's transitioning well to all the activity.

From the human end of things, Luke has been introduced to hand walking without a stud chain (Oh My!), blanketing, lunging, lunging in a bit, being sat on by a normal-sized human, being tied to get tacked/bathed/wrapped.  He's also been ponied around by our other (much more mature) OTTB - Titan.

Luke has had his feed kicked up from our normal feeding schedule to put some weight on him.  He is a large boy and is a little thin coming from the track.  He has had one incident this week, he scratched up his right hind below his hock sometime during the night. We are bandaging and cleaning his ouchies regularly so that he doesn’t risk another infection (like the one that sent him off the track).

Luke is taking everything in stride and he is showing himself to be a very quick learner.  He has found out that it's not OK to lay on top of the person that is leading you while chewing on their sweatshirt.  He still tries the sweatshirt, however he is now walking on a loose lead with his head behind our shoulder like a well behaved horse.

Looking forward to next week’s adventures!


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Luke (Dancing Prince) - The new Neigh Savers horse

Luke (Dancing Prince) has arrived from Golden Gate Fields and is settling in nicely next to his new buddy Champ.  He has had a couple of leading lessons the last few days and is coming along.  He's very curious, responsive and of course beautiful.  He's a little bit stubborn (which is just fine) and and quite a bit pushy (which we will amend).  We know what we have to work on.  All and all, he's quiet and well minded for a horse just off the track two days. 

Dancing Prince is a 5 year old gelding by Bertrando out of a Point Given mare.  For those of you that aren't horse racing savvy, that makes him racing royalty! 

He is certainly a prince, he just didn't show it on the track.  With only two starts, he didn't make much of an impact on the track (3rd was the best he could do).  We are sure he will be a champion in his second career.

We have given him the barn name of Luke.  It's only natural since his grandsire is Skywalker.

Over the next several months Kim Bredehoft, Linnea Wren and Rachel Masen will be working with Luke to retrain him for a new job!  We cannot wait to see what he wants to be when he grows up.  Look for updates often!  Thank you Neigh Savers for giving us the opportunity to work with one of your horses. 

Racing Career Information

Pedigree Information

Horse Spotlight December 2012 - Max

Horse Spotlight December 2012 - Max


What is your name?  My name is Max, but I have a few nick names, such as Fatty, Fatmandu and The Jeep!

What is your breed?  Halflinger

What color are you?  Palomino

How old are you?  8 yrs old

How tall are you?  14.2 hands

What is your favorite color?  GREEN

What is your favorite treat?  Peppermint candy canes

What is your favorite time of year?  Spring & Fall (oh… and candy cane season)!

What is your favorite discipline?  Trail & Gymkhana

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?  Oh yes, certainly… I have several, but my mane girl is Gypsy!

Do you prefer English or Western?  It really doesn’t matter

What are a few of your favorite things?   Treats, attention, food, vigorous grooming, having my hair ‘styled’, treats, grazing, food, running like the wind… oh, and did I mention TREATS!!

What are your least favorite things?  Well, I’m not keen on having my teeth done, but I’m good with just about anything else.

What do you like best about your humans?  Treats, attention, grooming, conversations, food, petting & scratching, and candy canes!

Have you ever won any awards?  Oh yes! I have run at the state show in gymkhana for the last 2 years and this year, won my friend Katie Forman a nice silver buckle! Also, my friend Teresa took me to a show for English & Western Pleasure and Equitation. Although I had a ‘running like the wind’ episode early in the day, we got ribbons in every class we were in, including 3 BLUE ribbons! I also won a costume contest as a Renaissance mount. I am very proud of myself!


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Rider Spotlight December 2012 - Teresa Cleland

Rider Spotlight December 2012 - Teresa Cleland


Name: Teresa Cleland

How long have you been riding? Just about 45 years.

How long have you been riding with Kim? 7 years.

Who do you ride currently and who have you ridden in the past? Currently, I own & ride Max. At Franklin, I’ve ridden Max, Titan, Champ, Candy, Storm, Tazz, Diamond, & Gypsy. Before I came to Franklin, I’ve ridden way too many horses to recount here, but my favorites were Tzar, Stormy and Cruz.

What is your riding history? I was first put on my cousins pinto pony ‘Boots’ when I was 2 years old. It seems like from then on, I had an obsession with horses. I began English riding lessons when I was about 12 yrs old. I took lessons for several years before I began sponsoring horses. I purchased my first horse when I was 21. With little exception, I’ve been an avid rider for most of my life.

Tell a little about your current mount: Max is ‘the pony I always wanted’! He is a nice mixture of naughty and nice! He is very sure footed, learns easily, very versatile, will go anywhere, does not give up, and is very personable. I absolutely love him!

What is your favorite discipline(s)? My very favorite thing is to go on a nice long trail ride. I really enjoy English or Western discipline in an arena environment, but the trail is my fave!

What is your favorite thing to do at the barn (other than riding)? Hang around, visiting with all the horses, creative grooming, get the chores done, clean tack, conversations with friends, tease the kids, enjoy a nice spring day, enjoy the camaraderie – in short… I love it all.

What is your favorite 2012 memory? Well, 2012 has not been one of my best years, but I think I would have to say the winter trip to the Cottage at Point Reyes, and our summer women’s camping trip at Pt. Reyes.

What are your 2013 riding goals? I would like to participate in one of the Trail Trial rides. I think Max and I would enjoy that. I also intend to continue discipline in the arena to hone our communication, transitions and general partnership.

What are your long term riding goals? To keep riding as long as I can!

What do you get out of spending time at Franklin Canyon Stables? Wow… a long list, but here are some of the highlights: a sense of ‘home’, the equine/human bond, incredible friendships, camaraderie, loving the kids, shopping trips to Arney’s, a glass of wine on a Thursday night. I could go on & on!

What do you get out of spending time with horses? Horses allow me to maintain a sense of sanity and are very grounding for me (not in a buck-u-off kind of way)! Horses bring me a feeling of peace and happiness that I don’t get anywhere else. They keep me in the moment, and I always leave the barn feeling a sense of contentment, and accomplishment.

Have you ever won any riding awards? If so, what? I’ve won awards in English & Western Pleasure & Equitation classes, competitive trail riding, & costume class.


Rider Spotlight September 2012 - Katie Foreman

Name: Katie Foreman

How long have you been riding?  Since I was 10

How long have you been riding with Kim?  7 years

Who do you ride crrently and who have you ridden in the past?  My current horse is Titan I use to ride my aunt's horse. His name was Romeo.

What is your horse riding history?  I have bounced around a lot I have ridden a lot of horses for Kim.

Tell a little about your current mount: My horse is Titan and he's a big dog. I love this horse to death and I don't know what I would do with out him!

What is your favorite discipline? My favorite ridding discipline is barrel raceing and arena work.

What is your favorite thing to do at the barn (other than riding)?  Spend time with my friends and have a relaxing time

What is your favorite 2011 memory? 2012 Memory?  There's a lot of good memories. I can't really pick one to share.

What are your 2012/2013 riding goals?  To be a better rider and be responsible about my horse and other disciplines.

What are your long term riding goals? I really don't know.

What do you get out of spending time at Franklin Canyon Stables? The relationship between horse and rider and the bond between them.

What do you get out of spending time with horses? You begin to have a special bond between you and the horse.

Have you ever won any riding awards? If so, what?  I don't know if barrel racing awards count but yes I have gotten 30 on Titan and 20 on Max including trophies and medels.

Horse Spotlight September 2012 - Titan (Road To Gold)

What is your name?  Titan (Road to Gold)

What is your breed? Thoroughbred (Jockey Club)

What color are you? Dark Bay with a little white on my forehead.

How old are you? 16.  I'll be 17 in April.


How tall are you? Too tall for some of my riders!!!  16.2 or 16.3.


What is your favorite color? I love a nice brown, like in a saddle!!!  Some of my riders put me in lots of crazy blues and reds and greens and purples.  Sometimes I look like a rainbow.  I don't really like it.  One time they put blue sparkles on my hoofs that lasted FOREVER!  I really didn't like that all that much.


What is your favorite treat? I love my grain, pellets and all the hay I get!! I will pretty much eat any cookie put in front of me but don't even think about giving me a granola bar or beer.  I won't touch that stuff.

What is your favorite time of year? I prefer early spring and fall.  Summer is the worst.  Flies are horrible creatures from hell and I wish they didn't exist.  I really don't like all the rain in the winter either.

What is your favorite discipline? Trail riding. It’s nice and relaxed and I get to look at some lovely views!  The bonus of trail riding is I get to act up sometimes.  Very fun! 


Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Eh, not really. I don't really do that sort of thing.  Maybe Katie, Rachel, and Raegan are sorta my girlfriends...maybe.


Do you prefer English or Western? Raegan thinks Western (because that's her favorite), but Rachel rides me English and she thinks I prefer the constant contact and that I feel much more confident and much less lost!  I really could care less.  I don't really like any of them much.  I'd rather you just feed me treats and give me attention.


What are a few of your favorite things? I love to take a bath, and get my belly brushed!!  I love treats and food.  I really like cantering on the trail and spooking at poop piles along the way to give my riders a bit of fun! 


What are your least favorite things? I really don’t like my back hooves picked all that much, but I allow it.  I don't particularly like to be groomed with a curry or hard brush (Rachel has a soft one that I LOVE).  I am a little scared of poop, plastic cups, and other random things that don't really belong on my pristine trail.  I don't like blankets...they're terrifying. I also don't particularly enjoy trotting slowly on the trail.  Let me run!


What do you like best about your humans? The love they give me and the grooming!! They feed me extra after working out and they give me lots of treats!  Rachel in particular gives me a lot.  Katie likes to wash my tail and braid my hair.  I'm not sure I love that as much as the treats, but I do look pretty.  They all do a good job taking care of me.  I love them!


Have you ever won any awards? Of course!  28-1-3-6 is my racing record...so obviously I won...so I'm a winner!  I also competed in dressage and jumping and did quite well.  I've won plenty of ribbons barrel racing and doing English and Western Pleasure shows.  I'm awesome!

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Rider Spotlight September 2012 - Rachel Masen

Name:  Rachel Masen

How long have you been riding?  I've been riding seriously for just over 1 and a half years, but rode much less seriously as a child.

How long have you been riding with Kim?  It's been 1 year and 7 months since I had my first lesson with Kim.

Who do you ride currently and who have you ridden in the past?  I currently ride and lease Titan.  I am taking lessons on arena work on Johnny Cash.  He is teaching me that some horses need a lot more support with aids.  It's been a difficult transition from the push button nature of Titan in the arena.  Johnny however is a much more easy going trail horse and doesn't prove much of a challenge there.  I've also ridden Max, Champ, Tazz, Cassie, Sassy, and Diamond.  I also happen to be riding and training an OTTB named Manny for Neigh Savers Foundation currently.

What is your horse riding history?  I loved horses from the first moment I had concious thought to know that I did.  I grew up sneaking pats from horses in the neighborhood and watching horse racing.  My mother is highly allergic so horses weren't really in the cards for me as a kid.  I did some trail riding every once in a while and hopped on some of my friends horses bareback in the pasture a few times (which didn't always end well).  Needless to say, I didn't have much skill...but as a kid I was fearless.  When I moved to California, my new Aunt and good friend Teresa introduced me to Kim and her barn.  Shortly afterwards I started my own journey working with Neigh Savers Foundation.  Between Kim and Neigh Savers, I think that I have progressed very quickly in my confidence and ability working with horses. I am doing things now I didn't expect and in another year, the sky is the limit!

Tell us a little about your current mounts.  Titan is just the most wonderful of wonderful.  I love him!  I was smitten with him from the first time I met him and I have a very hard time "cheating" on him riding other horses.  I love to spend hours grooming him and pampering him (much to his displeasure).  He LOVES treats and food more than almost any horse I've ever met.  He's a dream in the arena and is well trained.  On the trail he's much more of a challenge because of his competitive nature, but that's just fine with me! 

Johnny Cash is a sweet, calm and very forgiving boy.  He's a dream on the trail and as solid as you can hope for.  In the arena he needs a lot more motivation and support than Titan.  He is teaching me a lot and I am really thankful for that.

What is your favorite discipline(s)?  I prefer English Riding for the simple reason that the saddles are more comfortable for me.  I have ankle issues and the Western stirrups just hurt.  Titan also does much better with constant contact in an English bit rather than a big curb.  I have done both.  I am expanding my basic equitation and dressage skills and hope to do a few dressage shows next summer.  I also hope to start doing some low level jumping soon.

What is your favorite thing to do at the barn (other than riding)?  I love doing Titan's grain bags.  It's very theraputic.  I also really enjoy grooming and bathing him.  On the non-work side of things I really love watching other people having lessons and learing what I can.  I also enjoy helping out when students need help with saddling and other things before their lessons.  Sitting around and chatting and having a drink after riding isn't so bad either.

What is your favorite 2011 memory?  My favorite 2011 memory was the day I officially started leasing Titan.  Awesome.  My favorite 2012 memory is either my first horse show or our "camping" trip in January. 

What are your 2012 riding goals?  My goals for the rest of the year are to master riding Johnny Cash and being able to move on to another horse.  I also would like to master flying lead changes on Titan and work on polishing my pivots and backing.

What are your long term riding goals?  Long term I hope that I can eventually compete in a 3 day event.  It's always been a dream of mine to do cross country.  Next year I am hoping for some dressage shows.  I hope to of course continue to get better and be able to ride any horse I hop on very well.  I also am hoping I have a particular horse coming from Golden Gate Fields as a new project to work on with Kim!

What do you get out of spending time at Franklin Canyon Stables?  I have met the greatest friends at FCS.  I had never expected to meet so many people I just liked.  I have gotten a huge amount of confidence out of my time here which has also helped me at work.  It's just a fun place to be and everyone that is there makes it an awesome place to be. 

What do you get out of spending time with horses?  I get therapy.  You have to be calm and emotionally neutral around horses to be really sucessful.  If I come into Titan's stall and I'm angry or upset, he can tell and starts acting up.  I have learned to take a deep breath, enjoy the hard work and learn as much as I can.  I've always loved horses and to get to spend so much of my time with them now is everything I could hope.

Have you ever won any riding awards? If so, what?  Well I have 4 ribbons from an English Schooling show this summer.  1 2nd, 2 4th, and 1 5th.  Not bad for my first show...but certainly not my last!

Rider Spotlight September 2012 - Raegan Shigeyoshi

Name: Raegan Shigeyoshi


How long have you been riding?  How long have you been riding with Kim?  I’ve been riding for about seven years. I’ve been riding with Kim for almost 1 year now.



Who do you ride currently and who have you ridden in the past?  I’ve ridden Johnny Cash, Cassie, Tazz, Romeo, Max. Currently I’m leasing Titan.



What is your horse riding history?  I decided to go on a cattle drive for my 40th birthday and started riding about twice weekly. I went on the cattle drive and have not looked back. I ride every week and travel to Texas about 4-5 times a year to ride. I’ve also done cattle drives in Montana/Wyoming/Texas and have been to guest ranches in Wasington. Rode for about 2 years in Pt Reyes and 2-3 years in Danville



Tell a little about your current mount:  Titan is and OTTB and he is very tall.



What is your favorite discipline(s)?  Western of course as I wanna be a cowgirl when I grow up!!


What is your favorite thing to do at the barn (other than riding)?  I LOVE to feed all the horses and water them and pretend that I am a ranch woman!!!



What is your favorite 2011 memory?  Riding out by myself with all the confidence in the world!!



What are your 2012 riding goals?  To be a more consciences rider. To always be a more confident rider.



What do you get out of spending time at Franklin Canyon Stables?   Being around a great group of young riders who are sweet, confident, helpful kids!! Learning valuable horse lessons with Kim, and and ice cold beer at the end of a long hot day!!






Rider Spotlight July 2012 - Katie Schlagel

Name:  Katie Schlagel

How long have you been riding?  I have been riding for 4 and a half years.

How long have you been riding with Kim?  I have ONLY been riding with Kim.

Who do you ride currently and who have you ridden in the past?  Currently I ride Sassy (7 days a week) and in the past I rode Champ for a very long time but got serious about gymkhana and I focus on Sassy.  I also help Kim with her horses and client's horses with riding/training.  Those include Gypsy, Cloud, Romeo, Jewel and new addition Roxy.  Also have been on lessons and lesure rides on Max, Sassy, Colonel, Champ, Johnny Cash, Tazz, Romeo, Titan, Diamond, Cassie, Lakota, Whitney, Nugget, Storm, Gambler, Rocky Road, Rusty, Jade and other retired horses.

What is your horse riding history?  My mom grew up with horses and she wanted me to get involved. One day she was teaching and Kim came in to her classroom handing out flyers so my mom took one.  I took lessons and started leasing.  I remember after my first lesson, when I had to go home, I started crying because I didn't want to leave.

Tell us a little about your current mount.  Currently I ride Sassy. She is very spunky and forward.  She is really sweet and is so kind to other horses.  She gets along with anybody.  She is a bit of a challenge at times, but I love challenges because every day she teaches me something.  I just love her!

What is your favorite discipline(s)?  Gymkhana, but I also enjoy showing Western Pleasure, English Pleasure and trail riding.  If horses camping was a disipline, it would be up in the top favs.

What is your favorite thing to do at the barn (other than riding)?  I like to to drive our golfcart when we load our tack for shows, hanging out with my friends, and just loving and grooming the horses because I always see it as learning opportunity.  I also like having water fights in the summer.

What is your favorite 2011 memory?  I have many memories over the years, but in 2011 it was probably when Kim threw a birthday party for me at her house.  There was great food, decorations, and all of my closest friends from the barn were there.  We all swam and everybody got me the most loving gifts.  It was so unforgetable what she did for me.

What are your 2012 riding goals? Well one, to become a better rider becasue I can always improve.  Also I am trying to get Sassy more soft and supple and make softer to touch.  I am also working on leg a lot, and she has come so far.  But in the future there are many goals to come.

What are your long term riding goals?  When I grow up I want to train horses as a career and give riding lessons.  So I just try to spend as much time at the barn as I can.  I sometimes spend 8 -10 hours a day/7 days a week.

What do you get out of spending time at Franklin Canyon Stables?  Well I could write 3 pages long!  But to try and sum it up, it has taught me to work well with horses and be confident.  If I wasn't at the barn, I would be so shy.  The barn has taught me how to work with people, be confident, outgoing, tough, and it literally helps everywhere in life and totally brought me out of my shell.

What do you get out of spending time with horses?  It really helps me with my future goals of being a horse trainer when I grow up.  It's just my love and passion.

Have you ever won any riding awards? If so, what?  In gymkhana I have won many High Point awards on Sassy and LOTS of ribbons and prizes.

Horse Spotlight July 2012 - Sassy

What is your name?  Sassy AKA "I fooled 'em"

What is your breed?  American Paint Horse (APHA)

What color are you?  I'm tri-colored

How old are you?  I am 8 years old and my birthday is in April

How tall are you?  15.1 and some change

What is your favorite color?  Purple or pink, but really any color looks good on me.

What is your favoirte treat?  Horse cookies with peppermint, or carrots, or grain, or just anything really...

What is your favorite time of year?  Summer.  Because the days are longer and I get rode more and I get more attention.

What is your favoirite discipline?  Gymkahna!  Because I go FAST!

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?  Yes!  I love Colonel, but really all the boys love me.

Do you prefer English or Western?  Western, although I'm so beautiful I look good in any saddle and bareback too!

What are a few of your favorite things?  Feeing time, gymkhana, trail riding, spending time in pasture, nibbling my stall mates, getting groomed, horse camping, and water.

What are your least favorite things?  Going to the dentist, cows, flies without a flymask and sitting in my stall all alone with no attention.

What do you like best about your humans?  They take such good care of me!  They take me everywhere, they give me anything I want, they love me and kiss me and feed me, and they have such good knowledge about horses!

Have you ever wom any awards?  I got High Point at the Spring Stampede, and at the past 2 shows and LOTS of ribbons and ribbons and ribbons (in gymkhana and barrel racing).


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