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Horse Spotlight May 2016 - Cookie

What is your name?  

My name is Cookie.


What is your breed?

I am a Quarter Horse. Poco Bueno Lineage.

What color are you?


How old are you?

I was born in 2002 so I am 14 years old.

How tall are you?

I am 14.2 hands tall

What is your favorite color?

Definitely purple and green.

What is your favorite treat?

I love carrots!!!

What is your favorite time of year?

The spring because it is really pretty and everything is so green.

What's your favorite discipline?

I enjoy trail riding and gymkhana.

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?

Smoke is my boyfriend.

Do you prefer English or Western?


What are a few of your favorite things?

I like hanging out with my other horse friends and I really enjoy showing off my skills in gymkhana.

What are your least favorite things?

I really dislike being shoed.

What do you like best about your humans?

I like when my humans brush me and give me a lot of attention. I also love when they feed me and give me treats.

Have you ever won any awards?

I won highpoint for Winter Bling 2016  and I have won first and second place with Heather at a few of the shows this year. Hopefully we take home a buckle at SOC 2016.

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