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Rider Spotlight Nov 2016 - Kasara Monschke

Name:  Kasara


How long have you been riding?  How long have you been riding with Kim?

I begged my parents to start taking lessons when I was 8 and eventually persuaded them to buy me a horse at 11.  I rode frequently for the next 7 years until I left for college and then didn't ride at all for nearly 15 years before coming to ride with Kim.  I think I have been with Kim for about 5 years now.


What is your riding history?

I took lessons when I was younger primarily English, but some western as well and went to a few schooling shows for English pleasure during my high school years.  I did a lot of trail riding as well... I lived 10 miles from my trainer and used to ride back and forth a lot since I didn't have a trailer, arena, or anyone else to ride with nearer to my house.


Who do you ride currently and who have you ridden in the past?

I have been very lucky and gotten to ride some amazing horses that have each taught me a lot!  I started out riding Johnny Cash (my first love!) who was an excellent and patient teacher that helped me work on building back my confidence as a rider - I didn't want to give him up, but eventually Kim persuaded me to move on.  Next I rode Diamond, who was beautiful and had a lot of training - a little more of a Diva than Johnny Cash though.  After that, I got to ride Cooper who had training as a reigning horse and could spin a perfect circle - He was a sweet and sensitive guy and a ton of fun to ride!  I currently ride Diesel.

Tell a little about your current mount:

Diesel is a big powerful beast that can be stubborn at times and a bit of a bully if he thinks he can get away with it, but he also has a super sweet side and is a very hard worker.  There is still a ton that he has to teach me and I am looking forward to getting to know him better and continuing to grow with him.

What is your favorite discipline(s)?

 I like a little bit of everything: English, western, arena work and trail - I guess I would have to say I am happiest when I feel like I am connecting with my mount and we are working together and growing as a team and improving in whatever area we are working. 


What is your favorite thing to do at the barn (other than riding)?

I like the other barn people and getting to see everyone else grow and improve.  I love watching the littlest kids ride too - and to see how patient the horses are with the new riders.

What is your favorite 2016 memory?

I have lots!  It was fun getting to see Diesel do both Dressage and Gymkhana this summer - he was a power house speed-racer at barrels, and a total gentleman in the dressage arena.


What are your 2017 riding goals?

Continuing to work on getting to know Diesel better and competing in the next level up at the next dressage show we go to.  I am also going to be riding some other horses to push myself out of my comfort zone and learn to be a more adaptable rider.


What are your long term riding goals? 

For me, riding is about improving both the horse and myself and how we work together regardless of what we are doing - if I am doing that, I am happy.  I guess ideally, I would like to continue to become a better, more confident rider, improve my ability to read the horse I am riding and become less reactive - basically, I would like to become a horse-whisperer like Kim. ;)

What do you get out of spending time at Franklin Canyon Stables?   

It has reconnected me with my lifelong love affair with horses!

What do you get out of spending time with horses?

They are amazing animals that are a constant challenge but also have so much to give back - I find it incredibly rewarding.  Also, a ride up the trail on a warm breezy summer night is the best way to de-stress and end a long day in the office!

Have you ever won any riding/show awards?  If so, what?

Diesel and I won two blue ribbons at our last dressage show and scored a 78% in one of our classes.

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