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Rider Spotlight February 2015 - Kelsey Clark

Name: Kelsey Clark


How long have you been riding?  How long have you been riding with Kim?

I have been riding for 11 years and I have been with Kim for 11 years.


Who do you ride currently and who have you ridden in the past?

Currently I am riding Gem. In the past I have ridden Cali, Colonel, Storm, Gunner, and Rusty.

Tell a little about your current mount:

Gem is a 9 year old Paint mare. She is also Dash's mom. She is one of the sweetest horses ever and with her work ethic and solid personality I know she will be a great competition horse.

What is your favorite discipline(s)?

My favorite discipline would have to be western riding, in particular I love to compete in gymkhana but I have also competed in royalty.


What is your favorite thing to do at the barn (other than riding)?

My favorite thing to do at the barn besides riding is to just be around everyone that is up there because they are super funny and are the coolest people ever.

What is your favorite 2014 memory?

There are honestly too many fun memories that I have at the barn, but the State 2014 Show of Champions was a super fun experience because everyone who competed did amazing and I placed within my division. Not to mention it was super fun swimming in the pool, racing the baggage carts at the hotel and riding on Pete's dirt bike.\


What are your 2015 riding goals?

My goals for 2015 would have to be to compete in ranch versatilty, become the Contra Costa Horsemen royalty Queen and continue to compete in gymkhana. I would also like to try out some English riding and dressage.


What are your long term riding goals? 

To be the coolest trainer ever and to be able to ride well in most disciplines.

What do you get out of spending time at Franklin Canyon Stables?   

The barn has made me who I am today. It has provided me with great role models as well as great freinds in a place where I can have fun while learning, working, and teaching.

What do you get out of spending time with horses?

Riding is an amazing thing for me. Every time I ride it's like a stress reliever and being able to communicate with a horse will always be an amazing thing to me. Riding different horses and working on new things also gives me new goals to work toward.

Have you ever won any riding/show awards?  If so, what?

I was the First Lady in Waiting 2014 for Contra Costa County Horsemen's Association and I was the State Champion of Division 3 in 2012 and the State Champion of Division 5 in 2013 and I placed 5th in Division 4 in 2014.

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