• Winter 2013 Trail Ride

Pippa's Progress - Week 1

Pippa has had a good first week with us.  Due to her not being straight off the track we are not having the same challenges we had with Luke.  Pippa is already calm, ties well, is used to being ridden, likes attention, leads well, and doesn't have any bad habits.

The biggest steps we need to take with her immediatly are get her teeth done and put some weight on her.  She's a very small mare (as you can see from the photos of her near Luke), but at that she's thinner than we prefer.   Her back is short for a Thoroughbred but her legs are very long and lean.  It gives her a very striking appearance.  She has a beautiful face and is quite expressive. 

She proved herself to us on her first night here.  We brought her out of the stall to feel her out with blanketing, cross tying, picking up feet, etc (she does all of that fine btw).  We are sitting around messing with her when we hear a kid yell "LOOSE HORSE" and we see this giant paint galloping down the trail.  We grabbed the horse and tied him up to check for injuries (he was fine) and took care of him while others went and checked to see if the rider was ok (he was).  The horse was wild and rearing and sliding around on the gravel right behind Pippa.  It was a very stressful situation and Pippa did nothing but shift herself out of the way and watch the crazy horse.  The rider came down and got his horse and they left us to finish with Pippa.  Needless to say, we were very impressed with Pippa's attitude about the whole thing.  She is very mellow and very sweet.

She is a little nervous, which showed itself very clearly on her first trail ride.  She will take some extra work to get to be a steady girl on the trail.  Dont' worry, we're up for the challenge.

Grace has already taken her on and ridden her several days and is very fond of her.  There's no wind-down turn outs and lunging like were needed with Luke.  We're already up on her and she's proven very safe, but of course very green.  Because of her build, we think she will probably be able to do just about anything (jumping, barrels, pleasure).  I haven't personally ridden her yet, so I cannot vouch for her gaits, but I hear she is just as smooth as Luke. 

We're looking forward to working with this one.  She's already a star.