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February 2015 - Dash

What is your name? 
Dash aka Hancock's Stylin Selection

What is your breed?
Quarter Horse

What color are you?
We won't know for sure until I lose my baby hair!  But probably a chestnut or red roan.

How old are you?
4 and a half months.

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February 2015 - Kelsey C

Name:  Kelsey Clark

How long have you been riding?  I have been riding for 11 years and I have been with Kim for 11 years.

Who do you ride currently and who have you ridden in the past?  Currently I am riding Gem. In the past I have ridden Cali, Colonel, Storm, Gunner, and Rusty.

Tell a little about your current mount:  Gem is a 9 year old Paint mare. She is also Dash's mom. She is one of the sweetest horses ever and with her work ethic and solid personality I know she will be a great competition horse.

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Welcome to Kimberly Bredehoft at Franklin Canyon Stables

All are welcome.  We are a family oriented barn located in Martinez, CA. We love to have fun and enjoy ourselves with our horses. If you are looking for a no drama, no pressure place to increase your horsemanship skills and have some fun, we'd love to meet you.  We offer horse training services as well as instruction in Western, English, and Trail Riding.


We are now requiring applications for lessons/leasing.  Please fill out the appropriate application for your needs.  Thank you.

Adult Application

Child Application

Rider Pages

Rider Question Form - Please Fill out the questionaire to open up the Rider Page.  I will email you the password once you've filled out the form.

The 2015 Schedule

May 30 - Trailer Out to Briones

June 6 - Gymkhana #2 - Tri-Cities Gymkhana at Martinez Water Front

June 22 - 26 - 1st Week of Summer Horse Camp at FCS

June 25 - 28 - Adult Only Horse Camping Trip

July 6 - 10 - 2nd Week of Summer Horse Camp at FCS

July 11 - Gymkhana #3 - Tri-Cities Gymkhana at Martinez Water Front

July 15 - 19 - 1st Kid's Horse Camping Trip

July 25 - Gymkhana #4 - CCCHA Gymkhana at Concord Arena

Aug. 3 - 7 - 3rd and Final Week of Summer Horse Camp at FCS

Aug. 12-16 - 2nd Kid's Horse Camping Trip

Sept. 26 - CCCHA Past Presidents Play Day & Dinner

Oct. 30 - Nov. 1 - Trip to the Pt. Reyes County Inn (a bed and breakfast) in Pt. Reyes/Olema with horses.

Additional Gymkhanas only for Riders going to State Competition:
Tri Cities -  8/29
CCCHA - 6/27
CSHA - 4/25, 9/12, 5/23

State Show of Champions - Results

Congrats to all of our buckle winners!

Division 6 - Talia and Roxy - Champions!
Division 6 - Hannah and Gypsy - Reserve Champions
Open - Sarah M and Lakota - Reserve Champions
Division 4 - Katie S and Sassy - 3rd Place
Division 7 - Gracie and Summer - 3rd Place
Open - Katie F and Bronson - 3rd Place
Division 4 - Kelsey and Cali - 5th Place
Division 7 - Makayla and Scout - 5th Place
Division 4 - Sabrina and Smoke - 7th Place
Division 6 - Kerynn and Luke - 9th Place
Division 3 - Nicole and Tazz - 10th Place
Division 5 - Grace and Stella - 10th Place
Division 6 - Heather and Gambler - 10th Place

If you are interested in a rental - please go to Five Brooks up near Point Reyes.  We do not offer any 1 time rides or family experiences.