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Horse Spotlight
November 2016 - Diesel

What is your name? 
I go by Diesel (Although I have a fancier name as well: JW Jayes Fuel!)


What is your breed?

Quarter Horse


What color are you?



How old are you?

I am 11.


How tall are you?

I am 16.3

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Rider Spotlight November 2016 - Kasara Monschke

Name:  Kasara


How long have you been riding?  How long have you been riding with Kim?

I begged my parents to start taking lessons when I was 8 and eventually persuaded them to buy me a horse at 11.  I rode frequently for the next 7 years until I left for college and then didn't ride at all for nearly 15 years before coming to ride with Kim.  I think I have been with Kim for about 5 years now.


What is your favorite discipline(s)?

 I like a little bit of everything: English, western, arena work and trail - I guess I would have to say I am happiest when I feel like I am connecting with my mount and we are working together and growing as a team and improving in whatever area we are working.


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Welcome to Kimberly Bredehoft at Franklin Canyon Stables

All are welcome.  We are a family oriented barn located in Martinez, CA. We love to have fun and enjoy ourselves with our horses. If you are looking for a no drama, no pressure place to increase your horsemanship skills and have some fun, we'd love to meet you.  We offer horse training services as well as instruction in Western, English, and Trail Riding.

We are now requiring applications for lessons/leasing.  Please fill out the appropriate application for your needs.  Thank you.

Adult Application

Child Application

Christmas Party 2016


Winter Camps!

State Show of Champions 2016 - Results

Congrats to our 2016 State Show of Champions riders!  Great work!

Division 7 - Kendall/Max - Champion
Division 5 - Talia/JJ - Champion
Division 5 - Kelsey R/Diesel - Reserve Champion
Division 4 - Heather/Cookie - Reserve Champion
Division 7 - Abby/Dazzle - 3rd
Division 6 - Jen/Bronson - 5th
Division 6 - Tony/Gizmo - 6th
Division 5 - Audrey/Gambler - 7th
Division 6 - Natalie/Cloud - 8th
Division 4 - Virginia/Gypsy - 8th
Division 7 - Laurel/Romeo - 9th
Division 5 - Grace/Summer -10th


2017 Upcoming Events

Coming Soon!




Do not send mail to 180 Dutra Road.  That is our physical address, but mail does not come to that location. 

Please send mail to:
6680 Alhambra Ave
Box #123
Martinez, CA 94553

If you are interested in a rental - please go to Five Brooks up near Point Reyes.  We do not offer any 1 time rides or family experiences.